Leisure Hour Golf Club

Portland, Oregon


Leisure Hour Golf Club is a Portland, Oregon area golf and social club founded in 1944.  The club remained active since its inception to encourage access to the game of golf for all community members.  Leisure Hour club members enjoy the game of golf through regular golf outings, tournaments and programs designed for skilled amateurs, youth and those new to the game. 

Leisure Hour has a focus on involving the African American community but is a multicultural organization and welcomes all members!  There is plenty of fun, competition and friendship for golfers at all skill levels.  Leisure Hour Golf Club is also affiliated with the Western States Golf Association, Northwest Golf Association and the USGA. 

The continuing success of Leisure Hour Golf Club is achieved through the generous support of Club Members as well as from our community and business sponsors.  We appreciate their support! 

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Keith Edwards

Leisure Hour Club President

Documentary Film - “The History of Leisure Hour Golf Club”

Blue Leopard Films presents “The History of Leisure Hour” narrated by Garfied Wedderburn and produced, directed and based on a screenplay by Jaymes Winters. 

“In 1944, in the midst of racial segregation, three brave pioneers decided to form a golf and social club in Portland, Oregon.  This is their story...”

Copies of the DVD may be ordered by clicking on the link below.  Cost is $10.99 + shipping.  All proceeds will benefit the Leisure Hour Junior Program.



Background about Leisure Hour Golf Club

“I think it's the greatest game. I don't have to think, I know it's the greatest game in the world.”

Dr. Charlie Sifford